Class Descriptions

Zumba - A Latin inspired class infused with international rhythms to amp up the fun and keep the intensity flowing.  A great cardio dance infused workout that everyone can enjoy regardless of dance ability.  Just enjoy the music, feel the energy, and move!

Zumba Toning - A Zumba class with the same Latin inspired and international music rhythms to be done with the use of toning sticks to help tone and strengthen your muscles. Shake away and burn calories while having fun!

Zumba Gold - A Zumba class with the same Latin inspired and international music rhythms designed for seniors and those who are beginning their path to fitness.  Get on the floor, have fun, and move - no excuses!

Step Interval - Incorporates basic step movements to increase heart rate for an effective cardio workout while alternating with body conditioning exercises to increase muscular strength.  A great total body workout that never gets dull!  Equipment used includes a step and a combination of dumbbells, body bars, resistance bands, exercise balls.

Total Body Challenge- A total body workout that focuses on strengthening muscle and toning your physique.  Exercises are performed to target core and large muscle groups.  Equipment used includes dumbbells, body bars, resistance bands, and exercise balls.

WillPower & Grace- A pre-designed sequence of exercises which strengthen and tone the entire body through precise functional movement and the newest barefoot training methods. This is the cardio class for the person who loves Pilates or yoga. You will feel physically challenged from head to toe while being empowered and inspired.

Strength & Stretch – A class designed to increase strength and flexibility.  A great way to improve lean muscle, relieve stiffness, and improve strength.
great workout to target those problem areas - abs, hips, thighs, & strengthen your core. A great class to help improve & transform your body.
Bokwa -Aerobic dance to popular radio hits while forming letter and number foot patterns.  Anyone can do Bokwa because all of the routines can be modified for low or high impact movement for a cardio workout that is fun and exciting!

FusionFit -  This class is a boot camp style total body workout which infuses different components of popular group fitness classes and circuit training.  No workout is ever the same!  You may start off with a kickboxing warm up, followed by interval training, and finish off with a yoga cool down.  You may use different types of equipment like kettlebells, jump ropes, medicine balls and more.  So many combinations to create a workout that is fun and effective!

Bollywood Fusion– An exciting mix of Bollywood, Banghra, belly dancing, and more.  So put on your coin skirts and shake off the calories.  Moves are easy to follow and focus on core movements for a great workout! 

Socially Fit- A dance based class that focuses on social line dancing and strengthening exercises.  A great class for beginners and those who prefer dance forms of exercise.  Classics like the Electric Slide, Cupid Shuffle, and Achy Breaky Heart along with new line dances and Fusion originals will be taught.  You will be a hit at the next party!